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We claim to be a civilized, democratized, advanced, scientifically tolerant, socialistic society. Yet our baser, wilder, animal instincts have always subconsciously goaded us to lord over the oppressed, exploit the poor, rape the powerless and hang the fearless. We are private animals but public gods. We need to look into our inner mirrors to see our flawed selves clearly. We need to delve deeply into ourselves to delineate our own character. We need to kill our own and mummify ourselves as exhibits for future generations. We need to evolve constantly. Art lends us the magical touch do these all. Art kills us and tempt us into rebirth. Cinema is a penetrative art, piercing the human instinct like no other. Cinema can be wielded as a subtly sophisticated but destructive weapon against the apolitical carcinomas deep-rooted in our society. That is why film-makers are cast mercilessly into the enemy line of fire by pious hypocrites, worldly dictators & smiling fascists. Genuine cinema is strangled either through ruthless suffocation or excessive appeasement.

When innate talent is uncorrupted by materialistic propaganda, bans are imposed and rightful display-space denied, going to the extent of literal house-arrests. Tyrannical rulers, religious fundamentalists, fanatic goons, superstitious clod-heads hold cinema in high dread and go on to mobilize armed resources against genuine art and bold cinema. Our indignant protest needs to be registered loud and clear. And we also need to go on for the restorative sake of a balanced, rational and civilized society. Kazhcha Film Forum aims at a common platform for all such people who love genuine cinema and wish to stand up for the Right of Speech and those who wish to support bold cinematic attempts. Come then and join hands with us…Read more

  • Latest News

    • Preproduction work on Eli Eli Lama Sabachtahni, crowd funded, multilingual movie, set in Mumbai has started.
    • Sanal Aman plays the lead character.
    • Kani Kusruthi and Rajshri Deshpande enact important characters.
    • Shooting will start at Mumbai in last week of August 2015.
    • Fund raising campaign is underway.
    • CinemaVandi is set to begin it’s next tour with the movie ‘Kari’ shortly.
    • Recruitment of Cinemavandi Agents all over is Kerala is ongoing.

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    Kazhcha is a Film Society functioning with the unconditional support of genuine film-buffs. We welcome one and all to join hands with us. Your generous contributions helped us to make “Oraalppokkam”, which was a big success on any scale. We are on the lookout for people who are willing to co-operate with us in various capacities beginning with Online Promoters to Co-Producers for our next feature Film “Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani”. You can even help us by simply spreading our voice. Please share the news among your friends. Together we can make Life Afresh.